How do I generate a QI report?

The QI report shows a summary of a QI, detailing the ratings for each Theme, and highlighting aspects of effective practice, along with those requiring improvement. A PDF version of the report can be printed.

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How do I rate a Quality Indicator?

Each Quality Indicator can be rated using the HGIOS 1-6 scale. The Theme ratings can be used along with any evidence recorded to help decide on a rating for the overall QI.

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How do I rate Themes?

Each Theme from a QI can be rated using the HGIOS 1-6 scale. If the school has already carried out a Deep Audit, the ratings for each Key Feature will be shown. The Key Feature ratings can be used along with any evidence recorded to help rate the Theme.

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How can I Review stakeholder surveys linked to a Quality Indicator?

It is possible to see how the Themes within any QI have been rated by stakeholders. This can assist in rating Themes.

Each of the 4 Themes within 2.3 Learning, teaching and assessment have each appeared in one stakeholder survey.

A summary of the Learning and engagement Theme from the Duncastle Learning and Teaching survey.

How do I gather and record evidence?

Impact provides schools with a means to record different types of evidence to support their QI evaluation.

View Evidence provides a menu of typical items of evidence related to the Theme. Evidence can be included by checking the box, and further detail can be added if required. There is an option to create custom evidence for items that are not on the menu provided.

Schools may also choose to Add Digital Links to online versions of evidence stored on cloud-based storage platforms such as Glow, One Drive and Dropbox. This can be done by copying and pasting the URL (the web link to a file or folder) and adding a brief description.

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How do I complete a Deep Audit?

Themes in each QI are broken down into Key Features of Effective Practice. Schools can audit any key feature by traffic lighting the different elements.

The traffic lights can be used to help the school rate each Key Feature using the HGIOS 1-6 scale. Once a deep audit has been completed, schools can use the ratings to rate Themes and Quality Indicators. The deep audit ratings are also summarised in the QI Report.

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How do I use the Self-evaluation dashboard

The Impact Self Evaluation toolkit displays the HGIOS 4 Quality Indicators under the main themes of:

For each Quality Indicator, the self-evaluation dashboard gives access to range of tools

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