How do I print my improvement plan?

How do I add background information to my plan?

How do I add next steps to a priority?

How do I link a priority to the National Improvement Framework

With Impact it is east to link Improvement Plan priorities with the National Improvement Framework priorities and drivers

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How do I add 'How we will know' statements to a plan

How we will know statements are linked to improvement plan outcomes, and show how we know if planned outcomes have been achieved.

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How do I set tasks and responsibilities?

It is possible to assign overall responsibility for a priority, and tasks can be added via the Task Planner.

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How do I add a custom priority to an improvement plan?

Impact has a database of 40 key improvement priorities covering Scotland's national improvement framework as well as other key aspects of educational development. However, schools may wish to add their own custom priorities to an improvement plan.

To do this, select Add custom priority from the Add Priorities page.


How do I view an improvement plan priority?

The View Priority page provides a quick and easy way to get an overview of each priority, including:

A PDF of the priority can be exported and printed from this page.

How do I add outcomes to an improvement plan priority?

Once an improvement priority has been added to an improvement plan, the next step is to add some outcomes.

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How do I set improvement plan priorities?

The Improvement Plan module offers two ways to add improvement priorities to an improvement plan.

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